We believe that an entire community of people with their mentality and life habits cannot be changed overnight. We also believe that the most valuable and profitable investments for the future are the ones involving people, in today's young generation.

Departing from these premises, the Somerset Foundation proposes, in partnership with the local authorities and other non-governmental organizations, the implementation of social work programs, which will finally lead to the improvement of life conditions of the disadvantaged communities, especially the Rromani communities.

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Headquarters phone: 0232 277 703

Social worker: 0762 478 583

Psychologist: 0754 747 264

Mail address: Sat Rediu, Com. Rediu, Șos. Valea Rediului, nr. 350, jud Iași

Bank accounts

Bank: Unicredit Țiriac Bank S.A. București, Sucursala Palas Iași, str. Palas, nr. 7B, Iași, România

Cont USD: RO02BACX0000000744549001

Cont EURO: RO29BACX0000000744549000