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Newsletter no. 61 - September, December 2016
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Somerset Foundation-Iasi- Together step by step
The Beginning of school year
Holiday passed, and September….September represents the beginning of the school year, for high school students that comes with a new hope. The hope that this year will be better, we have better results, we propose goals and together we will achieve them. So we start the road this year with seven high school students in classes X-XII. For each of them the beginning of the school year comes accompanied by new challenges. We will try to work with each student, to answer everyone's needs, find solutions and apply strategies to solve any problem encountered at school. Our expectations are high, but with ambition and motivation we will get where we proposed, namely: educational and personal development for each youth individually.
Recruiting volunteers
In November we plan to seek volunteers willing to help our high school students with tutoring in math and Romanian language and literature. Three second year students at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy have showed interested in cooperation in this regard.
In november we had started the meditation with the highschool students. Because students had brought us the fact that they need meditation, we agreed together that the meeting shoud be once a week. The atmosphere is a pleasant one based on communication, the main purpose being to improve the knowledge in math and Romanian language and literature. In our case, volunteers have a very close age to the high school students’, this ensures an open an direct approach towards youth. And in this purpose, we collaborate well with the volunteers of the Somerset team to ensure that the values ​​promoted by volunteers are most suitable for our high school students.
Clothing donations
This year’s novelty is the project that includes donations of clothing and shoes. Clothing and shoes from donations reach the people who need them in Slobozia more easily. This activity happens every two months.
Parental education
Meanwhile we continued to have bimonthly meetings with young mothers in Slobozia, Voinesti, Iasi County. The purpose of these meetings is to support mothers in the role of a Christian woman wife, mother and manager of the house or to come up with financial support where is needed to cover the needs they face day by day. At these meetings the mothers have the opportunity to interact and share their experiences from situations of family life.
Winter holidays
Upon the occasion of winter holidays there was organized a Christmas celebration dedicated to children in Slobozia, attended by about 50 children, with their parents being present. As this has become a tradition, the children prepared poems, carols or verses for the birth of baby Jesus. At the end of the celebration the children were happy to receive the long waited gifts.
We spent New Years Eve with high school students at Somerset Foundation, in the village Rediu. There we organized a little party where we played games, made pictures, and we spend a wonderful time together .... and of course they recieved presents.

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