The Somerset Foundation's mission is to determinately contribute to the improvement of the life conditions of the disadvantaged communities in the urban and rural areas, by promoting education and offering social services at the highest standards.


General objectives:

Identifying the social problems in a disadvantaged community with the predilection of the Rroma.
Community development
Socio-psycho-professional integration Improving the life conditions of disadvantaged people
Making and implementing socio-educative and cultural-artistic programs for children and youth
Promoting the fundamental human rights
Ensuring the application of the European Union legislation within social services
Encouraging volunteerism


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Headquarters phone: 0232 277 703

Social worker: 0762 478 583

Psychologist: 0754 747 264

Mail address: Sat Rediu, Com. Rediu, Șos. Valea Rediului, nr. 350, jud Iași


Bank accounts

Bank: Unicredit Țiriac Bank S.A. București, Sucursala Palas Iași, str. Palas, nr. 7B, Iași, România

Cont USD: RO02BACX0000000744549001

Cont EURO: RO29BACX0000000744549000