Elsa Brown

President and Founding Member

You will be able to help the lost, wounded, help those in need, build an educational environment, and improve the quality of life of the poor. I propose that, this year, we should work together to make a difference. You can imagine how it would be if each of us would help with his little ones, what wonderful things could he accomplish? If each of us could devote some of our resources and time, we could change the hearts of a city, then of a country and then of the world.
I invite you to be a part of this team, and to change together, step by step, some of the anomalies of this world.


Victor Catalino

Honorary member

We are surrounded by pain and suffering, and still we are often pretending that everything's OK. We close our eyes, trying to avoid those who seek our help. How can we see happiness if the fog of suffering envelop us? What can we do? Let's get together in order to heal together. Let's look at those who surround us and see ourselves in a mirror. Let's extend our hands toward those mirrored images and immediately their hands will reach us.

We have made the first step. Let's make the rest together!


Our team

We are a young team with a vast experience gained through the development of several social projects since the 1990s and a great experience gained in the USA, Romania, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.



Executive Director



Social Worker

Email: social@somerset.ro



Email: psiholog@somerset.ro



Email: contabil@somerset.ro

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Headquarters phone: 0232 277 703

Social worker: 0762 478 583

Psychologist: 0754 747 264

Mail address: Sat Rediu, Com. Rediu, Șos. Valea Rediului, nr. 350, jud Iași


Bank accounts

Bank: Unicredit Țiriac Bank S.A. București, Sucursala Palas Iași, str. Palas, nr. 7B, Iași, România

Cont USD: RO02BACX0000000744549001

Cont EURO: RO29BACX0000000744549000