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Updated on May 25, 2017
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Thoughts and fragments of life...

My name is Ileana Marin, I am almost 17, and I am an 11th grade student at "Virgil Madgearu" Economic and Administrative Sciences High School No. 2, Iaşi. I live in the village of Slobozia, Voinești township, Iași county.

My family is small in size, because a long time ago, when I was 7, my parents broke up. Back then my mum decided for us to move together with my grandmother, and, due to the lack of money, she was bound to leave to work abroad.


Beauty poured into the realm of the biological clock

Beauty is a virtue at the border between sensibility and perfection, being much more profound, pronounced and practical than the former, and much less plastic and rigid than the latter.

Beauty embeds purity, candor, truth and naturalness, reflecting in any organism or element, with or without life which makes up the universe. But above all things, beauty reflects most visibly in the millions of seconds which cumulate the human age.


One step today...

At present, the Somerset Foundation programs are focused on three areas of activity: education, professional orientation and social support, having as target group under-privileged communities in Iasi County, especially Romani communities.


...tomorrow another one !

Looking to the future, Somerset Foundation proposes to continue and to excel in granting the actual social services and to explore new areas of activities, as well as community development for Slobozia village, Iasi County.


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